• Start living like a winner. Get healthy, feel great and begin loving life again. I can show you how.

  • It’s not what happens that determines the quality of your life. And that’s because what happens, happens to about everybody. It’s no different. Rather it’s how you react that changes everything.

  • Find within you your passion. You don’t have to do the things I do. Do it your way. Do everything you want. But be consistent in what you do. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid to not even try. Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

  • Violence is not the solution to our problems. Because in punishing others, we end up punishing ourselves. The world doesn’t need more judgment. Rather we have to stimulate the natural forces of healing. Imagine if there were no countries and no religions but only people and philosophies.

  • Education is not about filling one's head. It's about inspiring their minds.

  • You can do nothing to change your past and you can do nothing to predict your future.
    Now is the only moment that counts. Live in the now and make it great.

  • Live your life, not someone else's life.

  • It's time for you to live your own life without worrying about the expectations of others.

  • Everyone dies but not everyone truly lives. Most people just survive.

  • Do you love your life?
    That’s a simple question, isn’t it?
    But the answer isn’t an easy one.
    How did you feel when you read that question?
    What sort of emotions came up?
    More importantly, what was the answer?